When to visit.

Any day is a good time to visit Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. The weather is similar year round. Expect highs in the upper 80ís during the day and lows at night in the low 70ís. Temperatures vary by less than 10 degrees F year round, a little cooler in the winter, warmer in the summer, rainiest in September and October. High season is from November through March. Prices usually drop in April. Our opinion is that February and March are the most pleasant months to visit because the nights are a bit cooler. 

Storms are frequent in September but they usually amount to no more than a brief afternoon shower.  Many people prefer September because they practically have the beach to themselves.  The beach is crowded on weekends, especially on Sundays when many Dominicans have their day off and spend the day at the beach with their families.  Boca Chica is virtually empty on weekdays. 

Days in Boca Chica are quiet compared to other popular destinations such as the Bahamas or Cancun. Boca Chica is a small town and the main strip is just a few blocks long, yet the beach stretches for nearly a mile.